The Devil Only Rules the Darkness

Keep your fire lit and you won’t ever feel murkiness. ~ J. Parker

The light at last occurred to me! I’m certain you’ve heard that articulation. However, this time, it truly hit my cognizance hard. Satan just guidelines the obscurity.

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Aha! Satan and his followers are ‘the leaders of the obscurity of this world’ (Eph. 6:12). Along these lines, assuming I stay in the light, he can’t get me! Consider it. The key to a day to day existence liberated from obscurity (despondency, need, outrage and every one of the bunch negative impacts) is to remain in the light.

Light is characterized as brightening, yet it likewise implies understanding and edification. In incorporates intelligence, understanding and knowledge. Assuming you’ve at any point stirred in a lodging in the evening, you know the principal thing you do is search for light. Maybe it shows under the way to the corridor. Or then again you flip on the light next to the bed – anything to assist you with situating yourself.

Otherworldly light does likewise and it is not difficult to track down. The Bible announces that God is light, and in Him is no haziness by any means (I John 1:15). His presence makes light through the insight and disclosure of His Word. What’s more it is accessible to us whenever we really want it. Keep in mind, Jesus is The Word. To start with was the Word… In Him was life, and the life was the illumination of men… Furthermore the Word became tissue and stayed among us (John 1:1, 4, 14). Jesus is our Light, our enlightenment.

I Peter 2:9 says that we have been ‘called out of murkiness into His heavenly light’. Furthermore I Thessalonians affirms that we are ‘offspring of light’ not of dimness (v. 5:5). I like the ‘youngsters’ reference since it connects to Romans 8:17 that states we are kids and main successors to Almighty God. We should carry on with our lives in His light as His adored family!

The primary thing God made in Genesis was light. Where did the light come from? It came from His Glory, His presence. What’s more Satan (who had been administering the dim emptiness we currently call earth) went hurrying ceaselessly. He was unable to remain in God’s presence. Obscurity is crushed all of the time by Light. A solitary candle in a dark room is to the point the hidden wiki of scattering the obscurity.

Have you at any point resided in a spot that had cockroaches? I did – years prior. It was terrible. Be that as it may, I knew one method for getting those critters far from me. I turned on a light and they’d go running, attempting to track down a dull spot to stow away. I even laid down with a light on to keep them out of my room! I’m telling you, I didn’t remain in that place extremely lengthy, by the same token. I moved out – and made darned sure I didn’t take any critters with me.

Satan is the same way. He can’t tolerate being within the sight of God’s light. He needed to slip into the nursery to converse with Eve. Also he’s been sneaking from that point onward. His weapons are obscurity and misdirection, dread and torture. It’s not difficult to tell when he’s around on the grounds that harmony is missing. On the off chance that it’s not tranquil, it’s not from God.