Social Networking and SEO – What Is the Connection?

You go on Facebook to connect with your family members who live all over the country. You share with your friends on Twitter. You may even use LinkedIn to make business connections or find a new job after graduating college. You also have your own website and are busy implementing an SEO strategy to ensure you are valued and recommended in search engine results pages. It may seem like your social networking accounts have nothing to do with your SEO strategy, but you would hear something very different if you were to consult with an SEO agency on the matter.

Search engine optimization now extends far beyond your website. There are many off-site SEO strategies that work with your optimized website to deliver high search engine rankings. Just as you have probably put some work into securing high quality backlinks, you would be advised by any reputable SEO agency to put more effort into exposing your business through social networking channels as well. There are a few ways you can do this, and you should be doing all three at the same time:

• Put links on your website for visitors to share your web pages with Sommerseo others through their networking accounts.
• Advertise your website on your personal networking accounts.
• Set up networking accounts on behalf of your business or website.

This first option is the most valuable to your SEO campaign. The more people find your web pages useful and choose to share them on their social networking profiles, the more votes of confidence you receive with the search engines. If you have pages on your site that are shared all the time, that can have a big impact on how the top search engines rank your website. They will then share your site with searchers using their services as well.

The other two options are more aimed at bringing exposure to human viewers, but they are valuable in their own right as well. Use all three strategies together and you could boost the traffic to your website considerably.

In order to make networking work for your SEO strategy and for the attraction of human viewers, your website must have something worth sharing. Every single page on the site should be well written, with lots of information for your viewers to soak up. If you just throw up a simple sales letter or shallow landing page, very few people are going to click those buttons to share on their personal networking accounts. You have to give them something worth sharing.