Football Coaching Courses

If you’re a keen football coach or player, and want to get certified, and want to know more about the coaching methods the professionals use, then perhaps you’ll be interested in professional coaching courses.

Here in the U.K, there are a number of football courses which are run by the Football Association. The following article looks at what some of the basic football courses consist of, and some of the courses which are available to those who want to get into coaching.

Research has shown that over the past few years, there has been a steady decline in the number of 11-a side teams playing football in the U.K. This has led to a shake up by the football association, with a host of new football coaching courses being made accessible, with the intention of encouraging a new generation of coaches and volunteers.

As part of this shake-up, the following basic coaching courses have been codigo de bonus bet365 introduced:

FA Level 1 Football Coaching Courses – As the UK’s most popular coaching course, this is a great introduction to coaching for those with little, or no previous experience. This is an open-entry coaching course, meaning that candidates do not need to have any previous football experience, just an interest and desire to improve and develop.

FA Level 2 Football Coaching Courses – For coaches at a slightly more advanced level, the Level 2 football coaching course helps to develop coaching skills further. Although this is also an open entry course, it is strongly recommended that candidates have at least some degree of relevant coaching experience.

These courses both offer vital first steps on the coaching ladder, with individuals given the opportunity to progress on through the various FA football coaching courses which are on offer.

Coaching Course Resources

A number of resources have been produced to support these football courses. These include handbooks, videos and computer programmes, all of which have been designed to help the candidate to get the most out of their course